Create your own piece of art!

Are you interested in the creative process of ceramics? Would you like to know how to make something of clay? Have you ever wanted to create something special and show off to your friends? My studio is open for anyone who is interested in working with clay.

I guarantee:


A plastic mass containing the kaolin, quartz, feldspar, and iron oxide.


Clay objects that are functional as well as decorative.


One who makes wonderful and unique objects out of clay.

Discover a passion
Creating ceramics is a stepping stone of daily routine. Develops the sense of creativity at the same time is relaxing. It lets you return to daily duties with a new strength and willingness to be able to look at it from a better perspective. Here's what you'll gain by making clay:
Satisfaction and relaxation
You will learn how to turn clay into ceramics
You will create your own work of art
Your item will be one of a kind

Stages of ceramic formation

From forming and firing a kiln through glazing to the finished product.

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Because The World of Ceramics is beautiful and worth discovering! If you want to try what it’s like to be a Ceramist – email me.