Sometimes they seem old or young, old-fashioned or modern,  happy or sad…  Their appearance makes them an original decoration individually as well as a part of the collection. These poetic figures will be a unique gift for various occasions and will beautifies any space.


With hands together in prayer, holding a heart …  Angels are special figures in people’s life. Some believe in their existence and others just like them for their appearance. Holding relationships together are some of the ways the angelic energies help us along in this life.


Collection of items to take your relationship to the next level. Statues depicting a loving couples – a wonderful way to demonstrate and celebrate beautiful feeling of love. A perfect gift for lovers. They will love this decorative ornament and proudly display all year long.


Essential Oil Diffusers

Candle holders

Incense holders

Soap holders

They make a wonderful decorative accent for a variety of applications. Great to create an relaxed and pleasant ambience that everyone will love! Great as a new home gift, or when rearranging existing decor – can create a stylish new look.