Unique ceramic sculpture and functional pottery

A collection of unique, hand shaped and hand painted clay pieces. Ceramic objects that spans from functional to sculptural, in a variety of styles and colors.

Candle holders, incense holders and oil diffusers that create a warm, romantic ambiance in any space.

Tableware are unique addition to any dining room, living room.

Ladies and Angels – faceless figurines, which personality can be discovered in your own way. Poetic characters captured in a clay sculptures.

☆ Angels are amazing in all ways: Always with you – Never judge you – Give you guidance every day -Enfold you in in their healing wings – Love you unconditionally – Support you in every way!

☆ Women figurines are great as a new home gift, or when rearranging existing decor – can create a stylish new look.

Mr.Potato is an ongoing series of small sculpture created for men. This funny desc decor can also be used as a paperweight.

All items are unique and made in a single copy.