The imagination knows no borders and the hands are creative . . .

Artistic Ceramics

made with love and passion. Figurines and statuettes are perfect home decoration. Candle holders and incense holders will create a warm and romantic ambiance in any space. Tableware: mugs, patterned plates or bowls are unique and functional addition to your kitchen and dining room. Trinket dishes, ring holders and small containers will hold jewelry or keepsake. Handmade ceramic wares in a variety of styles and colors. All unique and made in only one copy.

Handmade clay items have a unique character. Thanks to this, they are an original addition to any interior and a great gift idea for loved ones!


I started my knowledge of ceramics in 2001 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. I didn’t stay there very long, though. The styl of teaching was too traditional for my taste and soon I started losing motivation to even go to class.


Are you interested in the creative process of ceramics? Would you like to know how to make something of clay? Have you ever wanted to create something special and show off to your friends?

All made objects are close to my heart, because each of them contains a part of me. The whole process of their creation gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction. Even if the results are far from expected I am happy with it. Failure only keeps myself motivated to continue creating.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.