Unique ceramic sculpture and functional pottery

A collection of unique, hand shaped and hand painted clay pieces. Ceramic objects that spans from functional to sculptural, in a variety of styles and colors.



With hands together in prayer, holding a heart …  Angels are special figures in people’s life. Some believe in their existence and others just like them for their appearance. However,  Angel is an uplifting gift of faith to let someone know they are loved, cared for, and wish nothing but the very best. Holding relationships together are some of the ways the angelic energies help us along in this life.


Sometimes they seem old or young, old-fashioned or modern,  happy or sad… Their appearance makes them an original decoration individually as well as a part of the collection. These poetic figures will be a unique gift for various occasions and will beautifies any space.

Mr. Potato

Funny figures in the shape resembling a potato head. At the beginning, they did not have a specific purpose, but with time it turned out that they’re great as a paperweight. And so it stayed. In contrast to Ladies figurines – Mr Patato has a face and it reflects his character. This series is addressed mainly to men. Such a paperweight is a little crazy office gift for men, but it so unusual and unique!

Candle holders, incense holders, oil diffusers

They make a wonderful decorative accent for a variety of applications. Great to create an relaxed and pleasant ambience that everyone will love!


These functional pottery items, like mugs and bowls are very unique addition to any dining room and living room.

There is a range of videos which shows how I’m making figurines or mugs, from start to finish in my studio in Brussels, Belgium.

Create your own piece of art!

Creating ceramics is a stepping stone of daily routine. Develops the sense of creativity at the same time is relaxing. It lets you return to daily duties with a new strength and willingness to be able to look at it from a better perspective.