Artistic ceramic wares

Ceramic items for home decoration and excellent gift idea for your loved ones. Eclectic/bohemian style figures, candle holders, lanterns and more. Made out of earthenware & stoneware clay, in my home studio in Brussels.

I like making figures the most. Poetic and mysterious characters captured in a hand molded clay sculptures based on the human form. These figurines have theirs own personality defined by posture and outfit, due to emotions accompanying me during their creation.  These are meant not only to be a home decor or a gift idea, but to stimulate the imagination as well. Each figure is a part of ongoing series of small sculptures and has its own signature plaque.

My ceramics are created in the moment of inspiration and contain all my emotions related to this time. That’s why they are unique and One Of A Kind. Each piece is complete only when it goes out into the world and gives someone else joy to look at and touch…

“ Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life ” – Pablo Picasso.