Unique ceramic sculpture and functional pottery

A collection of unique, hand shaped and hand painted clay pieces. Ceramic objects that spans from functional to sculptural, in a variety of styles and colors.

Welcome to my website, where you will find decorative ceramic objects close to my heart, handcrafted in my own workshop in Brussels. All the creations presented here are unique and always made in a single copy. They are perfect for decorating your home as well as offering as a gift. Look around. You will make me very happy by choosing something for you or to offer someone you like!

The latest wares coming out of the studio

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Creating ceramics is a stepping stone of daily routine. Develops the sense of creativity at the same time is relaxing. It lets you return to daily duties with a new strength and willingness to be able to look at it from a better perspective.

behind the scenes

There is a range of videos which show how ceramics are made from start to finish.

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